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Changes happen. Whether we want it or not! In order to drive change processes in a positive way, an open and flexible way of thinking is essential. Our mindset and attitude towards change are crucial. Tackling the necessary challenges consistently is a prerequisite for success in change.

The Corona crisis has shown us how quickly and without prior notice things can change fundamentally. Suddenly we are catapulted in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambivalent "VUCA" world! Old habits suddenly turn into obstacles, one challenge chases the next, decisions must be taken quickly. It becomes necessary to think outside the box, switch perspectives and realize innovative solutions. Professionally or privately.

Sounds good? It definitely is! We employ interactive methods in our trainings, workshops, coachings and consulting practice We offer innovative, intuitive and lean solutions in German, English, French and Italian.

>> We respect your uniqueness. <<

>> We carry out what we promise! Walk the Talk is our motto. <<

>> We support you in questioning familiar patterns. <<

>> We guide you on your way out of the comfort zone and show you new perspectives.  <<

>> We open the way for an agile, innovative and sustainable way of thinking. <<

>> We make the invisible visible. <<

Change Consulting

We guide you in all aspects of your change process and lead you through your evolutionary journey. In doing so, we work with classical and intuitive methods such as business constellations. In this way we achieve a high degree of effectiveness with a manageable amount of effort.

Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership and Team Coaching helps you to leave familiar paths, to reformulate hindering doctrines in a positive way and to achieve sustainable results for you and your team. We are committed to a holistic approach.

People Development

Our customized trainings and workshops on the topic of change and leadership are interactive and therefore lively. Online and offline! We support you effectively using unconventional solutions and systematic knowledge and practice transfer. 

Agile mindset
is key to your leadership

Unser aktuelles Angebot für Sie: online wie offline mit Erleben agiler Tools und garantiertem Transfer

Also available as train the trainer

about us

Claudia M. Christen

Executive consultant

Many years of expertise in people and organisational development as well as career consulting. Over ten years of professional experience in institutional client advisory services in the national and international banking industry. Various leadership experiences in a management consultancy and in a telecommunications company. language artist, lateral thinker, provocateur, constellation addict.

  • Many years of expertise in training, coaching and consulting of executives and teams in their change processes
  • Solution-driven and pragmatic consulting approach
  • Comfortable in dealing with different mentalities
  • Working languages: German, French, English, Italian
  • Certified SVEB trainer
  • Certified STAB model
  • Training business constellations, HRnet GmbH
  • Certification Train-the-Trainer, IHK Koblenz
  • Certification IRC, Intercultural Business Improvement B.V.
  • Certification PROFILOR®, PDI Ninth House
  • Certification Hogan Assessments Systems
  • Certification Co-active Coach, CTI – The Coaches Training Institute, London
  • Master Business Administration, University of Zurich

Kurt Tscholl

Managing Director

Over 30 years of experience as a sales manager, key account manager and salesperson in the salesforce and in leadership positions in various industries from listed companies to small businesses. Passionate client hunter, convinced optimist, endurance artist, respectful troubleshooter

  • Long expertise in acquisition and relationship management with high completion rate
  • Talent to inspire and inspire people 
  • Used to transform every situation in a success
  • Intercultural mastery
  • Working languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Certified SVEB, Stiftung Arbeitsgestaltung Uster
  • Conflict Management, IAP Zürich
  • Dipl. Coach SCA, Coachingzentrum Olten
  • Certified Sales Manager, Marketing- und Business School Zürich

Christine Herzog

Senior Consultant

Management trainer for agile mindset, agile and hybrid leadership and agile methods. Leadership and project experience from 10 years of agile and classical management consulting and 10 years in the corporate sector. Can-do attitude with heart and mind, analytical and pragmatic, empathetic and full of energy with the goal of sustainable activating and inspiring people. globetrotter, efficiency monster, outdoor freak, process optimizer


  • Many years of experience in managing and implementing change processes in global and national transformation programs
  • Expertise in entrepreneurial and personal consulting and support for specialists and executives at all levels
  • Sound analytical skills combined with a structured approach, high efficiency and motivation
  • Working languages: German, English
  • Scrum Master PSMI,
  • Product Owner PSMI,
  • Business Trainer, BDVT (Berufsverband für Training, Beratung, Coaching)
  • NLP Practitioner, DVNLP (deutscher Verband für neurolinguistisches Programmieren)
  • Consultant competencies for managers, Accenture
  • University of Göttingen & Edinburgh, diploma Math, Englisch, Psychologie (1. Staatsexamen)

Network of professional partners

local and global

Every client is unique and so is his project. That's why we at changetolead work with a broad network of professional coaches, trainers and consultants who have expertise in different areas and available to us if needed. 

Our partners like ourselves are committed to the ethical principles of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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