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Our hot online training

The agile leadership toolkit

How are you doing in the midst of the pandemic? Are you worried and do you feel tired? Do you miss the spontaneous exchange with friends, colleagues and your own team?
Of course, the exciting insights, the small successes and the big learning curve delight you. But the continuous caution in all interpersonal interactions wears on your nerves.

However, your team really needs you now!

Given this, it is a good opportunity to use this time profitably by focusing a little on yourself and reflecting on your own leadership. How are you really doing at the moment, how are you currently leading your team? Are you managing the balancing act between distance in the home office and face-to-face meetings? How are your employees doing? Do you know it?

Many leaders are currently experiencing that their previous leadership style does not lead to any impact in the current situation. Innovative and effective leadership methods are required. However, what does this mean for you?


Online Training & Coaching

Your schedule

Your schedule  
Donnerstags: 25. Februar, 11. März, 25. März 2021 jeweils von 9-11 Uhr
Your personal coaching at a date of your choice

Total fees only 760,- CHF 
plus V.A.T

Treat yourself to an effective update for your leadership!

Enjoy an exchange at same level and many new tools to surprise your team with fresh thoughts and new incentives.

In our interactive online training, we will thi-jack you into the world of agile working - and you will benefit in many ways: In our interactive online training, we will hi-jack you into the world of agile working - and you will benefit in many ways: In 3 modules of 2 hours each, we create with you an alternative leadership culture in just a few steps to feel woaw-efects with your team and achieve new successes. The key is as clear as it is simple: selected agile tools combined with an agile "mindset".

We certainly all know that it is not always easy to put this into practice. That's why you will benefit from many practical impulses to be tested immediately and also to be applied in any classical environment. Our 4th module is about your knowledge and experience transfer. This will be provided by an individual coaching session.

Your personal win:

What's in it for you

New insights & tools
State-of-the-art & practical for immediate use - for everyone!

2 trainers - 2 experts
Grueling & individual

Holistic and to the point
Helpful & realizable!

Compact size
Time well spent with high impact and focus on transfer!

Directly from the home office
Always safe, convenient and available at any time!

Your personal coaching
Our gift for you!


Combining leadership with agility

Respectively 2 hours from 9-11am

  • Agility – a definition, the „what“ and the „how“
  • The 4 levels of agile work & the Agile Manifesto
  • What does this mean for your leadership skills?
  • Networking and forming agile sparring partners


Attitude is key

Respectively 2 hours from 9-11am

  • Self-reflexion, current patterns of thought & action, personal values
  • Agile values and their impact
  • Identify obstructive beliefs and reformulate them positively
  • Filling agile values with life, defining effective options for thought and action


Encourage engagement and psychological
safety in the team

Respectively 2 hours from 9-11am

  • Powerful agile tools for high performing teams
  • Allow collaborative and effective teamwork
  • Set up a failure and learning culture
  • Encourage feedforward and self-organized learning

MODULE IV - Your personal transfer

Ensure effectiveness through
individual sparring

Individual appointment setting

  • We stay tuned - and support your progress!
  • Individual agile coaching included (45 minutes per participant)
  • Exchange and reflection with your agile sparring partner
  • On request, further individual coaching available 

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Who are we?

about us

Benefit from an unique bundle of expertise from two experts. Claudia Christen, Executive Coach & Organisational Developer and Christine Herzog, your agility specialist.

Claudia M. Christen

Executive consultant

Many years of expertise in people and organisational development as well as career consulting. Over ten years of professional experience in institutional client advisory services in the national and international banking industry. Various leadership experiences in a management consultancy and in a telecommunications company. language artist, lateral thinker, provocateur, constellation addict.

  • Many years of expertise in training, coaching and consulting of executives and teams in their change processes
  • Solution-driven and pragmatic consulting approach
  • Comfortable in dealing with different mentalities
  • Working languages: German, French, English, Italian
  • Certified SVEB trainer
  • Certified STAB model
  • Training business constellations, HRnet GmbH
  • Certification Train-the-Trainer, IHK Koblenz
  • Certification IRC, Intercultural Business Improvement B.V.
  • Certification PROFILOR®, PDI Ninth House
  • Certification Hogan Assessments Systems
  • Certification Co-active Coach, CTI – The Coaches Training Institute, London
  • Master Business Administration, University of Zurich

Christine Herzog

Senior Consultant

Management trainer for agile mindset, agile and hybrid leadership and agile methods. Leadership and project experience from 10 years of agile and classical management consulting and 10 years in the corporate sector. Can-do attitude with heart and mind, analytical and pragmatic, empathetic and full of energy with the goal of sustainable activating and inspiring people. globetrotter, efficiency monster, outdoor freak, process optimizer


  • Many years of experience in managing and implementing change processes in global and national transformation programs
  • Expertise in entrepreneurial and personal consulting and support for specialists and executives at all levels
  • Sound analytical skills combined with a structured approach, high efficiency and motivation
  • Working languages: German, English
  • Scrum Master PSMI,
  • Product Owner PSMI,
  • Business Trainer, BDVT (Berufsverband für Training, Beratung, Coaching)
  • NLP Practitioner, DVNLP (deutscher Verband für neurolinguistisches Programmieren)
  • Consultant competencies for managers, Accenture
  • University of Göttingen & Edinburgh, diploma Math, Englisch, Psychologie (1. Staatsexamen)